Buffer vessels for heating systems.

As buffer vessels for heating systems NIBE offer the NIBE UKV 40, 102, 200, 300 and 500. Only NIBE UKV 40 can be used with the air/water heat pump NIBE SPLIT.

The NIBE UKV can be used as normal buffer upstream or downstream or connected to the heat pump in order to avoid stop of circulation.

Type Item no
UKV 40 088470
UKV 100 088207
UKV 200 080321
UKV 300 080330
UKV 500 080302



Image: Products/Accessories/NIBE UKV
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  • The NIBE UKV 40 is available with or without a spiral for connection to a heating device.
  • All NIBE UKV are designed for maximum 6 bar and 95 °C.
  • NIBE UKV 40 and 102 are wall hung.
  • NIBE UKV 40 is top, bottom and side connected.
  • NIBE UKV 102 has the connections on top and in the bottom.
  • NIBE UKV 200, 300 and 500 are side connected and floor standing.
Image: Products/Accessories/NIBE UKV
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Volume 40/102/200/300/500 litres
Max operating pressure 6 bar
Working temperature 16-95 °C

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